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 ,,Unavailability of Chinese made guns"

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MesajSubiect: ,,Unavailability of Chinese made guns"   Lun Iul 12, 2010 4:32 am

Am mai postat si pe topicul Asr, poate e ok sa postez si aici:

De o perioada, sunt in cautare unei anumite replici , Aks74 Dboys Rk 03 . Am cautat pe zeci de site-uri din toata lumea. Problema este ca nu mai apare pe stocul nici unui dealer. La fel si cu anumite modele de la Cyma si nu numai.
Nu am inteles care este situatia, insa intamplator am dat peste un site de vanzari airsoft ( ), iar pe blogul lor am gasit asta:

,,Unavailability of Chinese made guns
We've been getting a lot of email and telephone inquiries regarding the unavailability of a large number of Chinese guns, so we'll outline here the reasons for the lack of stock, and the prospects for them returning in the near future.

As you may or may not know, airsoft gun manufacturing and sale is illegal in China. Chinese made guns are designed and manufactured in hidden factories in Mainland China, and smuggled out of the country to Hong Kong, where they are a legal commodity. Hong Kong retailers and wholesalers then distribute them to the rest of the world.
Nobody outside of Hong Kong and China really knows whether the guns are smuggled out of China without the knowledge of the authorities, or whether certain individuals in positions of authority in the Chinese customs and police agencies turn a blind eye to their transportation after "taxes" have been paid to the appropriate people. Whatever the case, in October of 2009, the manufacture of airsoft guns and accessories in China was halted for a two week period during the Chinese celebration of the 60th anniversary of the birth of the country. Up until then, it was customary for airsoft production to temporarily cease during high profile public events - We saw the same thing happen during the 2008 Beijing Olympiad. However, this time around, things were different....many factories were raided by the authorities, and factory owners and managers were arrested. Production of Chinese airsoft guns by such well known manufacturers as DBoys/Kalash, Cyma, Jing Gong, Kart, and many others, was halted.

As far as the Chinese authorities are concerned airsoft is, and always has been, illegal, and the manufacture of airsoft guns is forbidden. To this day, many of the Chinese factories remain closed, and of those who have managed to re-open, most of them are working on a part-time basis, with limited production. Many are in the process of moving production to Hong Kong, and even Taiwan in some cases.

In the meantime, access to established brands like DBoys, Cyma and others is very limited. This explains the lack of stock not only in Eirsoft, but in airsoft retailers through Ireland, Europe, and indeed the rest of the world.

When the stock is available, rest assured we will do our utmost to source it, but until the situation resolves itself, Chinese guns will remain very hard to source.

We do not yet know how long this situation will continue...some Hong Kong wholesalers say that things will be back to normal within the next few weeks. Others are saying it will be the end of this year before production resumes at a capacity anywhere approaching normal volume. The simple answer is, no-one really knows when Chinese made stock will be readily available.

We understand how frustrating it is to be told week after week that certain items are out of stock, and we apologise for any inconvenience this causes. Unfortunately though, we are in the same position as every other retailer in the world, and can do nothing about the situation but try to source airsoft guns from alternative manufacturers. As and when products become available, we will re-add them to the website listings. Sometimes we can source small quantities of guns, so if theres something you require, please feel free to email us from our contact page, or phone us on --- , and we may be able to fulfill your requirements."

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,,Unavailability of Chinese made guns"
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